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Priceless Lion Drops New Single

August 5, 2021 by Jodi Marxbury

Coming at us from seemingly every corner of the speakers, we find ourselves assaulted by neon melodies as light as they are fierce behind the lead vocal in “Superhero – EDM Remix.” DJ Shaw-T is on hand to amp up the groove in the background, but Priceless Lion’s smooth lead vocal up at the top of this mix quickly becomes the most hypnotic element for us to cling to amid the well-controlled chaos.

There are seemingly three or four different sets of fireworks getting lit off at once in this single, but rarely is there an instance in which Priceless Lion isn’t doing a fair job of directing our attention where it needs to be. He’s the ringmaster in this performance, and although there’s a lot of different components he’s juggling all at once, we don’t get the chance to see him sweat – on the contrary, this is one of his more impressively cohesive works to date. Between his charisma and that of DJ Shaw-T, you knew this was going to be a fairly gripping remix of what was already an awesome single, but few could have guessed that it would be the juggernaut addition to his discography that it inarguably is.

Priceless Lion could care less about blending the bass into the background here; truth be told, I think it’s clear that he wanted to get a little extra oomph out of it by leaving it awkwardly between the percussion and his vocal. It grates against the melodic elements in the mix and gets the tension as high as it can go ahead of the climax, which lends an additionally experimental feel to the lyrics and any kind of story they would comprise in these verses.


I don’t know that you need to be a professional music critic to pick up on the rebelliousness of the aesthetics and the practice in this piece, but for those who consider themselves audiophiles, the contrast and contradictions in “Superhero – EDM Remix” are as stimulating to find as virtuosic works of conventionality would be. This is more spellbinding by far, even if it isn’t going to score the same kind of reaction out of the mainstream market.

Rock-hard rhythms, provocative rhymes, and a one-of-a-kind leading man in Priceless Lion make this latest single to bear his name in the byline one that I have had a hard time parting with since first getting my pre-release copy this summer. Some artists thrive in the predictable pop realms, and then there are others who sound much better when they’re toeing the line between tried and untried, and this is someone who belongs in the latter category.

Priceless Lion makes his most profound music when he’s being put in a position to push the envelope as far as it can go without devolving into noise, and if he sticks with the formula he’s utilizing so boldly in this remix of “Superhero,” I believe the underground won’t be able to contain his spirit for much longer.

Jodi Marxbury

REVIEW: Priceless Lion (feat. DJ Shaw-T) — Superhero — EDM Remix (SINGLE)



Colin Jordan

4 days ago·3 min read


Priceless Lion has everything going for him at this stage of his career. He’s young, he’s hungry, and he’s been dropping a mad string of singles since 2018 that have consistently been getting him attention from all the right corners of the pop underground. Some would opine that he’s following a viral path that a lot of others have struggled to find a firm footing on, and personally, I would have to agree with them; hence, his new single “Superhero — EDM Remix” with DJ Shaw-T feels like an automatic mainstream hit. Although not completely centralized around its sleek pop harmonies, this is a song that stands to do a lot better than its original mix did, and for several reasons that might surprise this player’s biggest followers.


First up, what DJ Shaw-T and Priceless Lion have going in the booth together here is off the hook and arguably reason enough to pick up a copy of this remix as soon as possible. Whether it’s the connectivity of the bassline and the groove or just the nimble speed at which the arrangement is executed and brought together, they sound as if they’ve been waiting for this chance to work together for a long time now. Rather than trying to compete for the lion’s share of the attention (no pun intended), they’re playing off of each other’s cues like a couple of bandmates rather than contemporary pop collaborators, and what they get done by working together so closely is akin to a breakthrough moment in both of their developing careers.

I really love this balance between the beats and the vocal, and while I don’t think it needed as much of a buffer from the synths as we’re getting in this remix, I can also see where going bigger and better than necessary would have some aesthetical value. There’s an awful lot of minimalism penetrating the mainstream at the moment, but few players who are willing to try and experiment with the parameters of indulgence the way the previous generation did. I’m not telling anyone they have to go old school, but I do think there’s something to be gained from a little bit of retrospection along the lines of what Priceless Lion and DJ Shaw-T are engaging in here.


While I hadn’t been very impressed with the lot of collaborations to have landed on my desk in the past few months up until this recent release, I can firmly declare that “Superhero — EDM Remix” isn’t just a terrific meeting of the minds — it’s a remix pop fans shouldn’t be ignoring this season. There’s nowhere to go but out of this world in the pop genre at this moment in history, and I respect the willingness to break free from this atmosphere that a player like Priceless Lion seems so appealing to me this year. He doesn’t care where the competition is drawing their line in the sand; he’s pushing forward, and bring together some of the beats and melodies I’ve heard from him thus far in “Superhero — EDM Remix.”

Colin Jordan

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