Multimedia & Marketing 

True Fortune Multimedia and Marketing division of TFE in which we provide services for artist as well as promoters and other companies.  We Provide Spotify Playlist Placements and other social media campaigns for artist who are looking to take their music to the next Level and get more streams out of there music wen they might not have the biggest fan base to get the streams and want to be heard not just locally.  We also provide services to help companies and artist grow there online and social media presence gaining fans and make sure their posts and the events they throw get as much attention as possible. We also provide a services for artist and other companies looking for merchandise such as t-shirts hoodies joggers, coozes and other merch.

Graphics Design 

$20 single/mixtape cover

$30 front and back

$40 cover and live cover combo
$20 fb/YouTube cover photos
$50 logos

Quick turnaround; satisfied customer base and a good reputation

Custom Merchandise


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